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Our Story

As a child growing up in Jamaica my father owned a farm where he raised livestock and grew vegetables, including Scotch Bonnet peppers. My fascination with food started early in my life and it was enhanced by my first encounter with hot peppers – which was not an entirely good one. Toddling around the farm I saw what I thought was a pretty, small, yellow apple. Yes! I took a bite! The rest is a legend among my family. Call me crazy but that flavor never left me.

My family migrated to Canada in the 80's and I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where I was introduced to foods around the world and so began my love for things culinary. My mother and father cooked amazing Jamaican food as well as dishes from around the world and Scotch Bonnet peppers were always incorporated in the dishes. Hot sauce was always on the table and the flavor always enhanced our food. The love of this pepper is therefore firmly in my DNA.

As I got older, I started making hot sauces which my friends and family loved. This great love for my concoctions encouraged the birth of DR. BIRD.


Why the name
Doctor Bird?

The red-billed streamer tail hummingbird is indigenous to Jamaica and is known as the Doctor Bird. This fast-moving bird is a beautiful green and black with a red beak. It is said the name Doctor Bird is because the erect black crest and long tails resemble the top hat and tailcoats doctors used to wear in days past.

I find that this name represents my culture, my heritage, and it just looks so cool as a logo for the company.

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